RANKINGS BY NUMBER ORDERAlison Barkley. No.1 Ranked Navster for 2014, 2015,2016 & 2017


In recent times, meetings, emails and phone calls have been had in discussion with the Navrun Panel to bring about the criteria below to best represent the various events over the last 13 years which will not only rank each participants position but to actually QUANTIFY his OR her RANK.
Though many factors ( or even all up to this stage given the collection of data ) have been considered and in depth, there are perhaps a couple of others that may come into play in future now that we have been able to achieve this system.
Thank you from the Navrun Panel.Special thanks goes to Gerard Dessa for compiling this Ranking System. Many months of work has gone into this very complex data sheet. We have personaly watched him build this complex algorithm, and trust me, you don’t even want to ask how….. over 1.5 million separate cells of data for starters!!

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You must be the age of 16 or over to be nominated to be put on the Rankings.

Factor 1: Placings (1 through 10)

Placings from first through tenth gain points.

Factor 2: Proportioned and standardised event score

Scores from each event are standardised (both maximum for event & achieved by competitor). Every competitor gets a score.

Factor 3: Difficulty of Event Style

Event Styles are rated as per the difficulty we perceive them to be. Harder rated events are worth more points than easier rated events.

Factor 4: Total amount of entries into event

An event with more entries will gain more points than an event with less entries (ie, coming 5th out of 30 will earn you more points than 3rd out of 7)

Factor 5: Marginally weighted Driving/Navigation Difficulty

We believe that some events are harder to drive, and some are harder to navigate. We marginally weight scores so that the driver of an hard drive event will earn marginally more points than their navigator (and vice versa in a hard navigation event). Some events weight driver and navigator equally.

Factor 6: One or Two Car Teams

Single car events will earn more points than two car events.

Factor 7:
 Amount of events completed

The more events you enter, the more points you can gain. It is only a very small difference, but it adds up.

Factor 8: Placing Penalties.

A sliding scale of 0.5pts. Starting from 2nd place gets -0.5, 3rd gets -1.0pt, 4th -1.5pts and so on.

Factor 9: Disloyalty Penalties. If you haven’t done a Navrun for more than 2 calendar years or more you will be deducted points.

If you miss out on any given Navrun within those 2 calendar years you will also lose points, but they are very marginal.

Special Note: To qualify for maximim points, you must have competed in 5 events. eg. if you only have done 4 events and are in say 150th place, but enter in another event, we are then able to calculate your 5th event; thus you have the potential of getting nearer the top of the rankings..

Every competitor who has competed in a Navrun event will receive a ranking. Currently we are up to 1100 PLUS competitors.

*events excluded from this rankings are: All Cliffhangers and the Nav Nite Series run in 2004.

This system has been considered over the last 12 months from inception.
Apart from meetings on multiple occasions and with various persons including Gerard Dessa who has built the massive system, privileged to Navrun.
We have successfully been able to construct what we think is a unique and justifiable ranking and scoring system.

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