Navrun, Pursuit, Amazing Race, Navrun After Dark, Challenge RULES

Some rules only apply to one or two of our events....the ones that do are highlighted in red.
1. We accept all classes so long as the vehicle is safe and allowed to be driven on the road. The vehicle must be road registered and any driver must be licensed. Your vehicle must also be insured.
2. There is no age restriction for your navigator.
3. All drivers, navigators and passengers of the vehicle must sign an Indemnity Form to compete.
4. All common road rules and courtesies apply.
5. We have a breathalyser and will use it. Any team with a driver who has a BAC reading of 0.05 or above will be disqualified from the event.
6. As with all events, excessive speed and vehicle control is a major concern. Remember - these are public roads and tracks, and not a race track. Keep your speed down. GPS Trackers are now fitted to your vehicles, which have an accuracy of 1 kph, beware! Penalties are: 1st offence 5 pts, 2nd offence 10 pts, 3rd offence 15 pts, 4th offence 20 pts and 5th offence 25 pts and so on. Then every consecutive speed offence is 5 pts. (Up to 300mtrs in distance per offence).
7. You and your occupants must be restrained by properly fitted seatbelts or harnesses at all times. A 100-point penalty applies for every occupant found not wearing them.
8. (ALPINE PURSUIT) You are in teams of two, this is so for safety and recovery. The 'speed police' will impose a 100-point penalty if teams are found separated by more than three minutes. Officials have the power to stop any one vehicle of the team and do a countdown on the arrival of the 2nd vehicle. We now are also able to impose this penalty by using our GPS Loggers. (2 car team Events Only)
9. (a)With regard to teams chasing extra points and finishing later.
0 - 5 minutes (1 point per minute penalty)
6 - 10 minutes (2 points per minute penalty)
11 - 15 minutes (3 points per minute penalty)
16 - 20 minutes (4 points per minute penalty)
Penalties are capped to 99 points (i.e. 29 minutes late). Answers will not be accepted after the designated finish time, which will be confirmed by your logger.
9. (b) In regards to running late because of your vehicle(s) breaking down: All copies of your answers and/or camera and/or GPS logger must be handed in on time. If not you will incur penalties. (See Rule 9a.). There will be no leeway because of your vehicle breaking down, either incur the penalties or get your notes to us one way or another. You will incur 1 off route penalty which is treated as a 'cut and run' and from the breakdown point, any questions answered after that point will be null and void.
10. For safety / permit requirements, or public nuisance reasons, some roads or tracks may be deemed out of bounds or directional. These restrictions will be listed in your track notes. There is a 50 point penalty per offence.
11. (a) The Recovery Rule. There is no penalty for being recovered, however the team which performs the recovery will receive time at the end of the day. Both teams must report this to the officials at the earliest possible time. However if the teams are unable to do so, they can report this to the officials at the conclusion of the day. Time is calculated on the time spent recovering the other competitor/s. eg. "I spent 22min recovering him". Therefore you have an extra 22 minutes added to your finish time. This has to be confirmed by (1) the competitor you are recovering and (2) the logger. (this rule does not apply in a 2 car team if your recovering your team mate). If the logger shows that less time
was indicated, then penalties will apply.
11. (b) Being recovered by an Official. Our officials cannot at times leave their position immediately to assist you. Only when they are able to do so, they will. Also, because I have to pay my officials to help out with other matters, a small fee needs to be paid for their efforts if it is a long distance away from Base Camp. This fee will be payable personally to the official, and the price will be negotiated between yourself and the official, usually at a per kilometre basis. Navrun 4wd Events is not responsible for your recovery in any way.
12. (Navrun or Navrun After Dark only). Avoid congestion at waypoint/photo points. If other teams are waiting in cue for their photo a time limit of 5 minutes will apply. You may re-join the back of the cue if you are not satisfied with your shot after your initial 5 minutes. If a complaint is lodged a no questions asked 25 point penalty will apply.
13. Vehicle hold ups on Route Based Courses. This rule is only applicable if the event has a set route. If you are held up for more than 20 minutes by another team (we can confirm this by your logger), you are eligible for extra time added to your finish time. If possible, contact an official first, if unable to contact, please note the offending team on your notes in the appropriate box and add the time you believe to be held up for less 20 minutes (ie, Held up for 45 minutes? Write down 25 minutes). Careful - do not add more than you think, as we will check this, and if deemed less than you have stipulated, late penalties will apply.
14. Tampering with items. Certain times we place man-made objects in our photos. Competitors who deliberately hide or discard these objects will be severely penalised. A disqualification may result, at our discretion. Objects must be put back where they are initially found.
15. (ALPINE PURSUIT) In the event that your vehicle breaks down and you cannot compete no longer, we will allow your other vehicle to continue to compete, however a 50% deduction off your score per photo/ course will be given. Please report this to officials ASAP so we are able to rectify and correct your scores appropriately. Both cars must be able to finish the event to claim bonus points. Only one car is required to claim full points by handing in their notes if the other vehicle has broken down prior to finishing that day.
16. (Navrun and Navrun After Dark Only). Photo judging. 25% deductions per incorrect "positions", & a 25% deduction per incorrect "subjects" (maximum 50% of total point value). A 50% deduction of photo score for very poor replications. No score for unrecognisable, wrong place, etc. photos. Zooming is not an issue on all photos. We will not get real picky during the event, but if there is a tied score then we must. In 2004, just 5 points split 1st and 2nd place in the series. We then have to get this picky to identify the real winners. A 50% deduction will be given if there isn't a 2nd vehicle in your photo when asked to include it.
17. Failure to insert your Team name and Number where asked for will incur a 10 point penalty per Course.
18. GPS loggers have been fitted to your vehicles. These are designed to record your speed, distance and route. If the units are tampered with, or switched off at any given time, we have the right to disqualify the team, as this is ruled as cheating. If have found to be stationery for more than 15 minutes by the data logger, you will require a 'please explain' to the officials. A 50pt penalty will be applied if we find your answer unsatisfactory. A 100pt penalty per 30 minutes of being stationary will apply. The removal of the logger from your vehicle (with the exception of our authorisation and/or Rule 9b) is deemed to be cheating and the appropriate penalties apply including disqualification.
19. You have the right to dispute a score or decision. If any dispute arises, it will be made final by the organiser of the event. If the organiser has made that decision, that is it, no more can be said of it.
20. Any special stages that are marshalled, must have a running sheet which shall be shown to all competitors to read before they commence that stage, that running sheet shall explain the stage in detail, from what to do and what is penalised, etc. Once read, the competitor must understand and verbally acknowledge it.
21. Any special stages. A score sheet must be used to be signed off by the competitor at the end of the stage so they know if they have been penalised, etc. This is still open to dispute by a competitor. If the competitor refuses to sign it after discussion with the marshal, then no points will be awarded.
22. Any competitor that shows aggression, bad language, etc to a marshal may be penalised or disqualified from the event, and future events of Navrun. This ruling will be made final by the organiser of the event.
23. You are allowed to swap cars over at any time during the event. However, you are not allowed to swap navigators / drivers that have not been registered and signed on to your team. If however, a driver or navigator is incapacitated we will allow a swap over for a deduction of 50% off your overall score. If both driver and navigator are incapacitated, then a 75% deduction will apply.
24. Scrutineering Rule. Generally we do not require scrutineering of your vehicle. However, if we deem the event to be hard driving, and certain criteria are stipulated for your vehicle to have, then we may scrutineer your vehicle. If your vehicle does not meet the criteria, then we have the right to refuse your entry, or re-plot your course. If you think your vehicle may not "make the grade" before the event, please contact us so we can determine suitability.
25. Answers to questions are only valid if you have gone to that waypoint. Loggers will determine this. This rules out guessing and swapping answers.

26. At no time must a competitor or anyone affiliated with the said competitor post anything to the public to seek to solve or answer a question related to a Navrun event. This applies from the start of the event to the conclusion of the event. A minimum penalty of 100 points will apply.

27. All winches must have synthetic rope. No wire rope will be permitted to be used in a Navrun event.