Extreme 4x4 Wheels



23rd-24th May, 2020



"Our 100th Event"

"historic goldfields State Park just south of Ballarat"

Navrun is celebrating it's 100th event and the party will continue into the night!

The Extreme 4x4 wheels Ballarat Navrun Afterdark will be a never seen before format because we want everyone to enjoy the party.

There will be a traditional single car Navrun with easy to medium difficulty navigation route course, stick map and some waypoint plotting during the day on Saturday.

Saturday night will be a "Tough Tracks" afterdark course. The day and night courses will be the overall event.

However, if you're not into tough tracks you can still enter the day course only, and we will have a winner for the day course only!

For those not competing Saturday night we'll be getting our nostalgia on by watching some Navrun and Cliffhanger DVD's around the camp fire while we wait for the 'AfterDarkers' to return. It's gunna be big!

When and Where:
May 23rd/24th 2020. Ballarat Navrun Afterdark will be held around the Smythesdale/Enfield state parks only a few minutes SW of Ballarat. Camp with be at the Smythesdale Gardens in Garden St Smythesdale.

What do I need:
To compete in the day event only, a 4wd with lowrange, good ground clearance, basic recovery gear and a GPS (preferably tablet or laptop running OziExplorer) and camping gear.
To compete in the night and day, Same as day only PLUS: Good all terrain tyres or preferably mud terrain. A winch and associated recovery equipment.

Single car event. Saturday will consist of two 5 hour navigational courses, in medium terrain, back to back from 8am-6pm. Afterdark will consist of one navigation course, including difficult terrain from 7.30pm-1.30am. Presentation will be approx. 10.00am Sunday.

Cost and inclusions:
The event entry fee is $350 which includes a single car team with driver and navigator. 30 Entries available.

Daytime only Entry is $250 which includes a single car team with driver and navigator. 10 entries available.

Extra Adult (16+) passenger are $30pp for catering.
You will get a hot breakfast Saturday and Sunday. Hot dinner Saturday night.
Large 2wd accessible campground with toilets and showers.
Official paper map and notes.

A prize pool in excess of $3000.




Further details please contact:

Daniel Hose at daniel@navrun.com.au 0409 955 548



For more details contact NavRun Headquarters (Rudi Paoletti).

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