Patrolapart Pursuit

28/29th May, 2022

Licola- Woods Point, VIC

THIS EVENT HAS SOLD OUT– see our other events to enter

This event is designed for experienced teams when it comes to driving. There will be multiple winching throughout the event on some of the high country’s toughest tracks. Route navigation rating will be pretty basic with some trickier questions to find along the main route for those up for a challenge. Some of the toughest tracks have bypasses for those not wishing to attempt.

This is a 2 vehicle per team event, to allow competitors to work together as a team to get to the finish line and help each other as required on the courses.

Competition will be over two days, starting early on Saturday morning out of Licola, doing a big loop, and heading back to the same spot to finish off the first day. You are welcome to leave all your gear at camp on the Saturday as there will be people remaining at camp all day. Sunday will involve you finishing around the Woods Point area, so you must carry all your gear with you during the day.

Breakfast will be provided on Saturday and Sunday mornings; dinner Saturday night, and then a bite to eat at the finish line while we tally up the scores before event presentation. Passengers incur an extra $30 charge each for catering, and U16 are Free.

Vehicle Requirements:

  • Your vehicle will have to have a GOOD WORKING winch with synthetic rope only, no wire cables allowed due to insurance requirements. No winch = No entry, both vehicles need winches, no exceptions.
  • Must have aggressive Mud terrain type tyres Only with plenty of tread. No all-terrain kind of tyres allowed due to the tracks included on the course. Being just before winter, it’s going to be wet and sloppy out there.
  • Diff lock(s) would be very handy for traction on the tougher tracks
  • 33” in tyres at a bare minimum, preferably larger will help with the deeper ruts.
  • Recovery Gear, you must be able to recover yourself if the event arises.
  • Road registered as we are using public roads
  • GPS, or something similar that supports UTM co-ordinates.

All driving will be on forest tracks, open to the public. This is not a race.

The event focuses on many groups of four wheelers. Competition vehicles, slightly modified & highly modified, if you are unsure whether you or your vehicle is up for the challenge, please contact us first to offer some guidance.

No limit to the amount of people you can bring along, as long as it is a legal number you can carry in your vehicle.

More event details will be made available upon your entry acceptance once we have more information.

Course will be a maximum of 200km from start to finish, not including getting to and from the finish line, so you must have enough fuel to complete the course. There is no fuel in Woods Point, Licola has fuel but open limited times, we will most likely have a way to transport Jerry cans for competitors if required; to be confirmed.

We will close the entries when we reach the maximum quota. Upon receiving your entry form and payment, we will email detailed particulars, such as how much fuel you will require, exact location, maps, etc.

Trophies are awarded to top 3 teams. Prize Pool awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed teams and possibly a couple of extra bonus prizes.

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Further details please contact Peter Butcher at 0459 995 551